Funeral Guidlines

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church seeks to offer a ministry of comfort and hope to all who grieve. During times of bereavement we offer this ministry to members and non-members alike. The church's facilities are available for funerals without charge.

As soon as possible after a death, the Minister(s) should be contacted so they can provide pastoral care to the bereaved and help coordinate the reservation of the Church for funeral services.

The sanctuary of our Church has been designed to contain symbols of the great articles of our Christian faith. The Communion Table and Cross remind us of the eternal quality of life guaranteed by the atoning death of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Baptismal Font reminds us that each of us has been claimed as God's child.

Recognizing the importance of these symbols of our faith, the Session of St. Andrews requests the following regulations be observed:

1. No articles, of furniture or equipment, will be moved from or within the sanctuary.

2. The casket, when present, will be placed in front of the Communion Table.

3. Floral arrangements must be kept in reverence to the service of bereavement within our house of worship.

4. No wires, nails, screws, or tape are to be used.

5. Tracking and other protective material(s) must be placed under all candelabra, palm tubs, or others placed in the church sanctuary to honor the deceased. Tracking, when used, must not be tacked down.

6. If the deceased was cremated and the ashes are present, the urn may be placed on a stand next to the Communion Table but not on the Communion Table itself.

7. A photograph of the deceased may be placed on an easel or stand next to the Communion Table.

8. No floral arrangements are to be placed on the pulpit, Communion Table, organ, keyboard, or other sanctuary instruments.

The organist of the Church is always willing to help provide; if available, appropriate music if it is requested.

Since our organist is not a full-time employee of the church, a fee of no less than one hundred dollars ($175) is required. If other musicians or soloists are requested, the organist must be notified at least 24 hours before the service. Other musical considerations may be made by consulting with the Minister(s).

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