Wedding Policy

(A Statement of Policy adopted by the Session of this Church.)

One of the loveliest occasions in the lives of two people is their wedding day. That important day comes as a culmination of hopes and dreams and your love for each other. Our desire, at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, is to assist you in making your wedding a beautiful and impressive event - an experience which will live forever in the memories of those participating. A wedding is a religious service where two people make a covenant with each other and with God. As such, the Presbyterian wedding service is open to all people. It is only the reception and/or celebrations after the wedding that is considered private. Should this create a concern, our Minister(s) will be glad to discuss this with you. The sanctuary holds approximately 200 guests. 

It is important to realize, however, that weddings need not be elaborate to be memorable. The most significant thing is in the meaning of the vows taken and in the affection brought together in the ceremony. With this in mind, the Session of St. Andrews has provided the following guidelines for weddings held within our church.


The Minister(s) at St. Andrews is always pleased to officiate at a marriage service when there is a serious intent to establish the marriage based on Christian principles. Because of our desire for a happy and successful marriage, a series of premarital counseling meetings are required in advance of the wedding. It is recommended the couple contact the Minister(s) at least sixty days before the date of the wedding.


Even the simplest weddings require planning and preparation. Persons desiring to be married in the sanctuary of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church should arrange an appointment with the Minister(s) or Clerk of Session. A reservation for use of the sanctuary will be made through the Church office when our Minister(s), or a Minister(s) approved by the Session, has agreed to officiate at the ceremony. The exact day and hour for the service will be recorded on the Church office calendar when a reservation is made in addition to the day and time for your rehearsal. Please allot enough time to allow your ceremony vendors sufficient time to setup prior to your wedding ceremony.


If music is desired at your ceremony and you are in need of an organist, an appointment can be scheduled with our organist at St. Andrews. A wedding is a religious service and all music should be arranged in consideration of a service of worship. It is preferred our organist play at your wedding. If you wish to use alternatives (another organist or musicians), your selection(s) will require review by our Organist or Choir Director, in consultation with our Minister(s).

Vocal numbers in which text is taken from the Scriptures or hymnal may be used without further approval. Other instrumental or vocal scripts or CD selections are subject to the approval of our Organist or Choir Director, in consultation with our Minister(s).


The sanctuary of our church has been designed as a place of beauty and worship. The sacred atmosphere has been created with appropriate furnishings, appointments, carvings, and Christian symbols. To maintain the atmosphere of sanctity thus created, it is recommended that minimal decorating to the sanctuary be maintained so as to preserve its reverence and natural beauty. As such, the following rules and will serve to assist you as you plan with your florist for your wedding day:

1 - No pews or other furnishings or articles in the sanctuary are to be moved.

2 - The use of nails, screws, wire, or tacks is forbidden.

3 - Tracking or other protective material must be placed under all candelabra, palm tubs, and other receptacles. Tracking, when used, must not be tacked down.

4 - No flowers shall be placed in, or affixed to the pulpit, organ console, keyboard, Communion Table or chancel floor.

5 - The use of candles in the aisles or on window sills of the sanctuary cannot be permitted because of the hazard of fire.

All decorations which are not considered the church’s property are the responsibility of the wedding party and should be removed immediately after the ceremony. Should you require assistance in removing decorations, arrangements can be made with our Sexton (for an additional fee). Any variations from the above must be approved by the Worship Committee and/or the Session.


Because a wedding is a service of worship, no flash photographs may be taken in the sanctuary while the wedding is in progress. Pictures should be taken before the music begins or after the recessional. We recommend you tell your guests not to take pictures during the ceremony so your concentration is not broken during the solemn reverence of your ceremony. Also, please confirm with your photographer that she/he will be using non-flash photography during your ceremony. Arrange with your photographer to take as many pictures before the ceremony as possible and those remaining on your list, after the ceremony. Pictures can be taken after the recessional.

Camcorders may be used at the discretion of the Minister(s) by prior approval only.


St. Andrews is a smoke-free environment. Smoking in any part of the church building including the entryway is not appropriate and is not permitted in our church.


The use of alcoholic beverages on any part of the St. Andrews’ property is forbidden.


Our church wishes to enter into the genuine spirit of happiness and celebration which surrounds a Christian wedding. The throwing of rice, however, endangers the safety of those attending the wedding (both inside the church and outside the entrance walkway). It is requested that no rice, or paper confetti be thrown inside or outside the church building.

Other items of congratulatory celebration to be used on the outside of the building only should be made known to the Minister(s) for Session approval prior to being used, i.e.: birdseed, sparklers, bubbles…so appropriate safety precautions can be taken.


The Session expects any group at the church to enjoy the air conditioning and heating whenever using church facilities. The temperature of the building is maintained by the Building and Grounds Committee. It will be the responsibility of this committee to regulate the building temperature accordingly. The wedding party should not take it upon themselves to adjust the temperature.


It is the privilege of our Minister(s) to officiate at a wedding ceremony without receiving a fee when the bride, the groom, or the immediate family is a member of St. Andrews. For non-members, a fee may be negotiated between the couple and the Minister(s).

There is no charge for the use of the sanctuary if the bride, groom, or members of the immediate family are members of St. Andrews. For non-members, the church’s fee will be Two Hundred Dollars ($200) for a wedding with rehearsal; One Hundred Dollars ($100) for a wedding without rehearsal.

Our Organist is not a full-time employee of the church and extra time will be required of him/her for weddings. He/she can be contacted and arrangements made with him/her if it is desired for him/her to accompany your wedding with music. His/her fee should be no less than Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00). This fee applies to both members and non-members.


The wedding party is welcome to rearrange any furniture or make other reasonable adjustments to the arrangement of the fellowship hall as long as the area is restored to its original condition upon leaving.

If the wedding party wishes to make a more semi-permanent adjustment to the fellowship hall, this may be possible by contacting the Building and Grounds Committee through the Church office and make known their intent. If an adjustment is extensive enough, approval will be required from the Session.

Tables and chairs should not leave the church grounds for any reason. Assistance in setting up the fellowship hall can be obtained from the Building and Grounds Committee as requested through the Church office. Other items used from the Church office or other areas within the church, should be returned to their original location at the end of your event.

All items to be used for your reception should be brought in at your expense. With approval from the Strengthening of the Church Committee, silverware and some dishes are available; however, it is recommended you provide all dishes, silverware and beverage glasses to be used. A refrigerator is available, but advance notice needs to be given so additional room can be made to accommodate your food items. St. Andrews is home to a very active Day Care and our kitchen and refrigerator are used daily by Day Care administrators.

The sanctuary, kitchen, fellowship hall, and property grounds should be left clean and in order upon departing from St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.
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