Memorial Garden & Columbarium

The Memorial Garden and Columbarium at St. Andrews Presbyterian was designed and built with much thought and love by church members to honor and remember the Christian witness of those who have been a part of the church’s history. There are niches for urns of those who have been cremated, as well as a scattering area. Even if a person is not cremated, there are places provided on top of the walls to place a plaque in memory of a family member or loved one.

The garden has walkways throughout and is very accessible to all who want to sit quietly and contemplate, reflect or remember someone who has left this short life for their eternal home with God. The various flowers and plants provide a very beautiful and serene place for this.

While the garden is available to visit at any time, we celebrate those who have been honored there each year on Palm Sunday with a special remembrance service.

If you have any questions concerning the Garden, please contact the church office and we will supply whatever answers you need.
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